Current Offerings

I am so beyond honored you are stepping into your power and considering a working relationship with me. Below are the current offerings available.

What my clients say

Marielle Hill

"Shannon is the most wonderful medical provider I’ve ever worked with! As someone who suffers from an incurable, autoimmune disease and has been going to different doctors and specialists my whole life, it’s such a fresh air to have someone who wants to heal from the root and not just on the surface. I have been wanting to learn how to take care of myself with a more holistic approach for some time now and Shannon was the perfect person to introduce me to this way of medicine. She’s realistic with goals and very accommodating with treatment approach-YOU as the patient are in the driver’s seat! It’s been so nice to learn about what is going on with my everyday health with deep explanations instead of leaving a 5 minute doctor’s appointment more confused than I went in. The testing she ran on me was super beneficial and Shannon herself is a ball of light and will make you feel super comfortable to open up your true self. I will use the tools she has given me for the rest of my life!"

Root Cause Package

The absolute easiest way to get started. It includes:

  • 60-minute initial consultation to get to know you & your desires

  • HTMA (hair tissue mineral analysis)

  • 60-minute results session with written recommendations

  • Intuitive guidance if desired

  • 10 days of implementation support

Investment: $888​

Mindbody Wellness Alchemy

A deeply healing, nourishing container lasting 8 months.

  • 120-minute initial deep dive into your history, deep desires, and goals

  • 3 HTMA (hair tissue mineral analysis over an 8 month period

  • 90-minute results session after initial results

  • 2 60-minute progress sessions and 2 60-minute subsequent results sessions (after repeat HTMAs)

  •  14 1:1 coaching calls (up to 45 minutes each)

  • Ongoing coaching and implementation support between sessions via Voxer, WhatsApp, or email

Requires discovery call to see if we are a good fit (please click button to schedule)

Pink Salt