Ways we can work together

I am so honored you are stepping into your power and considering a working relationship with me. I realize this is a big investment of your time, energy, and finances and I don't take this lightly.


You are more than welcome to schedule a complimentary call with me to discuss your case prior to scheduling a visit. Or, if you are ready, feel free to schedule an appointment!

I am based in Southeast Michigan, but do see clients nationwide (by telephone). Though I am a licensed medical provider in Michigan, outside of the state, we will work through a wellness lens. Medications can only be prescribed within the state of Michigan.

Please check out some of my client feedback at the bottom of this page. This is truly my life's work. Thank you for considering working with me!

I look forward to working with you!

You're here because you are ready for more!

New Patient/Client (in-office or phone call)

Mindbody Alchemy Intensive Starter Package (most popular way to start) for those ready to dive deep. Included is a 90-minute deep dive mindbody medicine intake, a hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) to assess cellular health, an 80-minute results + strategy session, full written explanations + recommendations, 21 days of email support (checked M-F), and a 20-minute follow-up call within 21 days of second visit. $1111 inclusive package, saving $350 from à la carte pricing. 

Deep Dive Mindbody Medicine Intake: If you prefer to pay as you go, start with an in-depth 90-minute office visit. We will go through your history, your desires + goals, and I will provide customized recommendations. No testing included. $555 for initial visit, thorough paperwork, prior lab/testing review (for the last 12 months). Testing costs vary (see FAQs). No insurance taken, but FSA/HSA generally accepted.

Please note regarding blood work: In Michigan, if you have good health insurance, you may be able to use that. If you are outside of Michigan or if you have a high deductible program, I have an amazing cash-pay service that offers significantly discounted labs. Instead of thousands, many very complete panels can be $150-$300, depending on what we are checking. Various testing is available and will be recommended on a case-by-case basis (hormone, food sensitivity, gut testing, etc).

Returning Patient/Client (in-office or phone call)

50-minute reassessment office visit $265. Other options available here.

Recalibration Package for returning patients/clients: Included is a 50-minute reassessment visit, a hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) to reassess cellular health, a 50-minute follow-up after testing is complete, 21 days of email support (checked M-F), and a 20-minute follow-up call within 21 days of second visit. $777 inclusive package, saving $194 from à la carte pricing.

Support offerings available on a limited basis, which can be discussed at your results visit. Offered to select clients/patients who would like to invest deeply in themselves for the next 4-6 mos. Currently $444/mo - $1111/mo, depending on availability and level of service desired.

Physical Therapy Assessment Only

For patients referred by partnering therapists (these do not include holistic medicine, only assessment and Rx for physical therapy)

Client Love 

Betsy, age 43

Working with Shannon Stockwell was the best decision I made in 2021. If you want to feel amazing, holistic is the way to go. 

In 4 months, my weight has improved, my anxiety is gone and everyday I get to live my best life. 

My body was so out of whack, thank you Shannon for being a badass in health care!