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  • What are your offerings? How much does it cost? Do you take insurance?
    After being in business over two years, this is what I know: my work is not for everyone. But it is profoundly healing for those who are the right fit. For root cause medicine/wellness, 3-month packages are currently $2444 and 6-month package are $4444. Payment plans are available. There are deeper support packages available as well. Please click here to learn more. I do not take insurance. The simple reason for this is: I do not work in the medical model where you come to me with a problem and I give you a solution. That is old medicine. My belief is that I'm here as a partner and guide, helping you get to the root causes and uncover your deeper vitality. Unfortunately, insurance always requires a problem/diagnosis and limits the time I can spend with patients. I would not be able to run a profitable business or be in integrity with my medicine if I took insurance. HSA/FSA is often able to be used.
  • How often do I see you?
    This depends on your and your goals & desires for your health. Most clients/patients start with about once per month and then reduce the frequency after they start feeling better. My 3-month and 6-month package include at least monthly visits.
  • Do you prescribe medications?
    If needed, yes (only in Michigan). Though I prefer more natural methods, sometimes medications are needed, either temporarily or permanently. That said, if you are looking to get off of medications, we can make that a priority in your treatment. If you are out of state, I can make recommendations of medications that may benefit you to discuss with your provider.
  • What are your qualifications?
    What a great question! I am a board-certified physician assistant (associate) meaning I have an advanced degree (Masters) in science plus clinical training as well as I passed my board exam (once upon graduation, and once recently renewed). This allows me to understand the working of the human body, how medications and supplements work, and how to treat general medical conditions. I have worked in several specialties including internal medicine, surgery, and psychiatry. Moreover, I have advanced training in mind-body medicine, energy healing, functional medicine principles, and integrative medicine. Much of my experience has come from learning over time, including before I was even a PA. I went to PA school in 2010 with the intent to be a wholistic medical provider! Most importantly, I have trained in multiple coaching methodologies and behavioral change techniques. ​
  • Do you believe I can heal?
    Oh my goodness, YES I DO! If I didn't, I wouldn't be doing this work. The human body is incredibly resilient. Healing means different things to different people. For some, it means complete resolution of an illness. Quite frankly, I try to stay away from that definition because the wisdom of the body will guide us. For example, I have Hashimoto's autoimmune thyroid disease. At one time, my antibodies were in the thousands. They are now in the 200-400 range. As someone who had this illness in my teenage years, this is an amazing transformation. I still technically have Hashimoto's, but I don't have the symptoms. Also, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia when I was in my 20s. For all intents and purposes, this is in remission. Rarely do I experience this pain (even though I used to have it daily for years) - it's only when I allow myself to get overwhelmed, stressed out, or don't pay attention to the needs of my body. The true question is do YOU believe you can heal? I certainly do. :)
  • Do you offer refunds? Can I quit paying my payment plan?
    No on both accounts. That's why I offer a complimentary initial consult. There is never any pressure from me. It needs to be a mutual fit.
  • How much do the supplements you recommend cost?
    I use Fullscript for my supplement recommendations. This way, you get exactly what you need, it is shipped to your home quickly, and there is already a 15% discount through Fullscript. Initial supplies may be up to $200-400 or so, but after this initial purchase, it is usually significantly lower (since many do not need to be refilled monthly). Monthly maintenance cost varies anywhere from $100-250 per month on average, depending on how much supplementation is needed. The average for clients who have been dealing with chronic health issues is probably closer to $150-250/month; for children, it's often much lower. I will do my best to customize your plan to meet your goals and budget. I also sometimes use Vykon Customs now for customized supplementation. This starts around $425-475 for a 90-day supply and includes nearly all of your supplementation needs in a single supplement. We may need to add on a 2-3 other products, but for the most part, the Vykon Customs option makes everything so much more streamlined because it is customizable to exactly what you need. Occasionally, I do prescribe spagyric remedies which are a mix between homeopathy and herbal or Chinese herbs. These range from $60-150/month depending on how much and how often you use them. I don't use these with everyone. And sometimes, I use these with fewer other supplements which balances the cost.
  • What will our work together look like?
    My approach takes into account ALL of you: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, connection, purpose, goals, deep desires. Each person is different. A lot of the deeper work is getting people grounded in their bodies. Many come to me with multiple health issues they hope to address. We work on this over time, making changes that feel good and don't overstress the nervous system.
  • Do you offer telehealth? Do you have in-person sessions?
    As of 6/28/23, all sessions are virtual - either phone calls or video calls. The precipitating factor in this was an unexpected flood in my office. Upon deeper reflection, however, I realized I desired to provide only virtual services at this time. Therefore, there are no longer in-person sessions available. At some point in the future, there will be in-person VIP days and group retreats available for those desiring in-person work.
  • Can you be my primary care provider?
    No; you must keep your primary care provider for emergency/urgent issues as well as general health appointments. I provide consultative medicine and specialize in helping clients truly get to the root cause of their health issues. If I were spending time on the basic stuff, there wouldn't be enough time to truly delve into the hard stuff (which is what I specialize in). To reiterate: you MUST have a primary care medicine provider.
  • If I have Medicare, can you see me?
    Yes, I can. I no longer participate in Medicare billing.
  • What if I can't afford to work with you 1:1?
    I totally understand that you might not have the resources to work with me 1:1. Other offers will be created very soon. I would also invite you to consider the amount of money you will save in future medical bills if we are able to address the root causes for you.
  • Can I see you if I don't live in Michigan?
    Yes! You may see me, but it has to be under a wellness lens as I can only "practice medicine" in the state of Michigan. What this means is that I cannot diagnose you or prescribe medications if you are outside of Michigan, but I can order/review labs/tests and make supplement recommendations. Obviously, for legal reasons, I must tell you to discuss these recommendations with your primary care provider. Please note: if you are in New York, you cannot mail the hair mineral test sample directly to the lab (there are workarounds). If you are in New York or New Jersey, your primary care physician must order your bloodwork.
  • If I have a therapist, can I work with you also?
    Yes! I absolutely believe working with a therapist is essential for many individuals. I don't do psychotherapy; I focus on mindbody medicine and wholistic coaching...and leave the psychotherapy to the experts in that field! What this means is that we focus on all your body's wisdom (your symptoms, energy, sex drive, cravings, desires...all of you!) to guide us in your healing journey. I truly believe a good therapist is one of your greatest allies in healing and they specialize in a totally different aspect of healing. We are both part of an amazing team!
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