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If you think your chronic health issues are a limiting factor in creating the life, relationships, and business of your dreams, you are not alone.

And you're not crazy. Chronic health issues impact every area of our lives.

I know exactly how to help.

Sustainable Miracles is a whole person, mind-body-spirit approach to creating vibrancy and aliveness in all parts of your life. Perfection not required (or desired).


Chances are, you relate to some, or all, of these:

  • You are exhausted, and not sure which way to turn for advice. You have tried the diets and protocols, but the results never stuck for very long, if you saw good results at all.

  • You don't trust mainstream medicine anymore. They don't seem to have time to discuss what's going on with you, but even more so troubling, is that they don't seem to have any solutions other than matching pills to ills.

  • You are done with short-term solutions and quick-fixes because you know that true wellness is rooted in going deeper.

  • You are overwhelmed and feel stuck in your health journey, feeling like it's all just too much. Maybe you don't know where to start. Or maybe you have seen various practitioners but haven't made the progress you desire.

  • You know something is "off" with your health but haven't been able to figure it out and you're starting to suspect you need someone to help you connect the dots. Maybe you've been diagnosed with something serious like an actual disease, or your symptoms are so vague that no one seems to be able to figure it out. You've been told your labs are "fine" or worse, told it's your age getting to you.

  • You want to dive deep into appropriate testing with the right person, to truly understand everything that's happening in your body, and also want to look at how all the areas of your life are impacting your health.

  • You want to feel understood and seen, finally - for the first time - in your health journey.

  • And you don't want another diet that leaves you exhausted or hungry!

It's a whole lot when you think about it, and it's time for (the right) support.

You're not alone in wanting more for your life and health. But it can feel overwhelming when you don't know what to do about the plethora of symptoms, especially when you've tried to address them so many times before.

Listen, babe. I get it. Honestly.

I was a very sickly child with recurrent ear infections, 3 sets of tubes, eczema, mono, and strep.

Since my teens, I have been dealing with autoimmune disease, which progressively worsened until I was in my 30s. At the height of illness, I was nearly 400 pounds, on 9 pharmaceutical drugs, and had Lupus along with other autoimmune disease, stage 3 kidney disease, fibromyalgia, severe anxiety & depression, bleeding ulcers, Hashimoto's hypothyroidism, histamine intolerance, IBS, migraines, and hundreds of food sensitivities.

I am also a survivor of significant psychological, emotional, religious, and sexual trauma, which impacted my health in a multitude of ways. Over the last 20 years, I have clawed my way back to vitality and have fully reversed most of the health issues that plagued me, along with sustaining a 100+ pound weight loss. I continue on my own journey and for the past 3 years, I walk with others doing the same.

Here's what I know, after years of doing this:

“All or nothing” mindset doesn’t work for permanent health changes.

Attempting to do it alone is isolating. For those who haven't felt well for a long time, belonging to a community is essential. We weren't meant to do life or healing alone.

Big, sweeping changes can cause more stress which works against you. In my world, we honor your nervous system and capacity and do things in a sustainable way.

After doing this for years, and walking my own chronic health journey, I believe that many women never heal chronic dis-ease, not because they can't, but because 1) they don't know where to start, 2) they are trying to do it alone, and 3) they can't sustain the consistent effort it requires.


Said another way, if you really want to heal and reverse chronic dis-ease/illness, healing requires all three to be sustainable:

  • the missing puzzle pieces (a holistic, personalized 1:1 approach) 

  • community and support (our sisterhood group) 

  • ​a realistic length of time to build and solidify new habits (a year-long container)

When you put those together, you create sustainable miracles for your life and body!

Sustainable: able to be maintained at a certain rate or level

Miracles: a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency; or an amazing product or achievement, or an outstanding example of something

Sustainable Miracles: Creating a permanent shift in your health and life that looks so different than what you're used to that most people would say it's impossible ... and it takes some time to let it sink that you did this thing!

The truth is ...

It can sound a little far fetched to think that you can truly reverse or put into remission chronic dis-ease symptoms or illnesses that you've been dealing with for years or decades. I get that. In fact, maybe you've been told that you had to live with your symptoms or "cope" forever. If that's that case, please know that I was told the same exact thing. My clients have been told the same thing too. And client after client has done the same thing I did.

Client Love

Allie says ...

I have two autoimmune diseases so I’ve been to MANY doctors and none of them come close to the care I’ve received with Shannon. I came to her in March with terrible pain, GI issues, and fatigue. Fast forward to now, my pain is managed, I no longer have GI issues, and my fatigue is much better.

One of the things I love about working with Shannon is that she’s always thinking outside of the box. I’ve always had symptoms of hypothyroidism without low thyroid hormone, so Shannon tested my thyroid peroxidase antibodies and bingo! I have Hashimoto’s disease. Her helping me figure that out helped my family members also get their diagnosis. I still have a long way to go of course, but I have hope now. It’s hard to feel optimistic with chronic illness. Especially as a woman, very often our symptoms are viewed as “over exaggerated.” Shannon has helped me get back on my feet and to a better place, physically and mentally. A truly life-changing experience working with Shannon.

Theresa says ...

I went to see Shannon at the request of my physical therapist. I was not sure what to expect but the experience has been very eye opening. I have been in a state of high anxiety in what feels like forever. I knew I had issues with my health, my body was just not functioning properly. Many doctors in the past wrote my problems off as "old age" saying to me it just happens when you get older. I knew deep down something was wrong it made no sense to me what was happening.


Since I have begun my journey with Shannon I feel lighter mentally and I feel as if I am really living my life with joy and awareness. Her knowledge and intuition about what your body needs, as far as supplements and support are concerned, is truly amazing.

Cindi says ...

Wow- how do I describe in words an experience that has been profoundly life changing? I had been searching for someone to help me safely reduce meds and feel better. Shannon is a modern medicine woman, with the heart of an angel and the soul of a wise healer. Her intuitive gifts coupled with her skill in scientific medicine are unrivaled in the medical community. And I have spent enough time and money with plenty of them.

Ashley says ...

When I came to Shannon, I felt off and couldn't figure out why. I had been following her on social media for quite some time, so I decided to reach out. I hadn't really worked with a holistic practitioner before, but I had heard great things.

From my first conversation with Shannon, I felt so well taken care of! She listened – actually listened – and paid attention to the whole picture of what was going on with me. She didn't push pills at me or run basic panels. She ran a handful of thorough tests to get visibility into what was really going on with me. She explained it all to me, and then she created a customized protocol with check-ins.

I would hands-down recommend working with Shannon. She's wicked smart, grounded in science, deeply intuitive, and is genuinely committed to your healing.

Julie says ...

I'm beyond grateful that I found Shannon and started working with her. For DECADES I've experienced symptoms that no one could explain, and while doctors shrugged and scratched their heads, we treated symptoms as best we could because there wasn't anything else we knew how to do.

As I got older and my symptoms progressed, and I looked at the lives of my parents and decided that I wanted to age in a much better way than they did, I realized that I really wanted to dig in and find root causes for what I was experiencing...and then Shannon appeared.

Shannon is super compassionate, non-judgmental, and a wealth of knowledge, and she looks at patients as whole humans. She encourages us to go slowly and gently as we learn more about our bodies and what it needs to feel healthy, which provides time and space to make the adjustments we need to in a sustainable way.

I still have a ways to go, yet in two short months I'm feeling HUGE progress. Jaw clenching that's plagued me consistently for 25 yrs is hardly noticeable right now. Other muscle tension I've suffered with is markedly reduced. Serious fatigue, general apathy, and generalized anxiety are resolving.

I firmly believe that aging well is not an accident, but that it's very intentional. I intend to age well, and I'm confident that I will with Shannon by my side.

For just a moment, let's think about the changes that are possible just a year from now. Imagine ...
  • Understanding what your body needs to thrive - gaining insight into what food, supplements, movement, and other practices will bring you back into balance. No more spinning your wheels on things that only work short-term or don't work at all. 

  • Waking up in the morning ready to go AND moving through your days with consistent, stable energy. No more forcing yourself through your day. No more highs and crashes. Consistent, stable energy. Yes, I'm serious!

  • Alleviating or substantially improving body pain, headaches, bloating and other gut issues you've had for years or decades. These generally worsen with age, and I've seen women completely transform these issues (repeatedly).

  • Feeling calm and grounded as years of anxiety dissolve, leaving you feeling more you so you can connect deeply with others from a centered place.

  • Looking forward to sleep because ... you can finally rest deeply. Your body and your brain are finally on the same page! No more wired + tired nights and days.

  • Planning and taking the trips you've been putting off because you FINALLY feel good enough in your body to do the damn things!

  • A luscious libido and desire for more intimacy. You don't want to be an uptight b*tch. Really. I know you don't. ;)

  • The upgrades in your business or professional life when you aren't constantly distracted by feeling unwell. The truth is, chronic illness and dis-ease impacts every single part of our lives.

Maybe you've tried programs before that worked for awhile but then your symptoms came back. Or maybe they didn't consider all parts of you, your desires, and your preferences and you felt forced or rushed. Maybe your nervous system wasn't ready for the intense regimens and protocols. Or maybe you're new to the holistic world.

Whatever your experience, you are welcome here. You see, we will do holistic medicine differently - fully honoring YOU, all parts of your body, mind, heart, and soul.
Early-Bird Investment until 5/5/24 is only $675/mo or $7500 pay-in-full. As soon as you sign up, you can schedule your 1:1 visits!
Ready to buy



A WHOLE YEAR of high-touch support up to 20 brilliant women (enrollment will be capped once the circle feels complete or when we reach 20 women).

You get:

  • The personalized puzzle pieces ~ Six 1:1 visits with intuitive modern medicine woman, Shannon Stockwell, MS, PA-C. These visits include an intake, an initial results session, plus 4 other calls to use throughout the year as you desire. Here, we will customize and personalize your program to you. In all the years of doing this, I can honestly say that there have never been two programs exactly alike. We can explore a variety of testing options including bloodwork, food sensitivity testing, gut testing, hormone testing, and so on, that will allow us to look deeply at what is specifically going on in your body. Together, we will come up with a treatment plan that feels good to your nervous system and lifestyle.

  • Up to three hair tissue mineral tests ~ my absolute favorite test. It tells us SO MUCH about your nervous system, stress patterns, how your cells are working, digestion, blood sugar, liver/kidney stress, and heavy metal toxicity. This is the test that FINALLY gave my clients and me the answers we were looking for.

  • Monthly centering call (approximately 1.5-2 hours, recordings available). We will gather together and reconnect, reviewing our goals/intentions and setting new goals/intentions. There will also be a monthly topic discussion related to our health journey so we can deepen into our awareness.

  • 3 Monthly group coaching calls (90 minutes, recordings available). Love seat coaching - bring your questions, concerns, celebrations, frustrations, and whatever else is coming up. We want to hear it all. Group calls are also a deep well of support to know you are not on this journey alone. You can attend some or all, depending on what feels best for you. For my shy ladies ~ heyyyy. I get it. You won't be forced to talk. I will, say, though, as a recovering group-hater, being in community has been vital for me. You'll be around other women who are celebrating and struggling just like you.

  • Heartbeat text support for wins/celebrations, reflections, struggles, community connection, and brief questions for Shannon. This ties it all together, deepening our connection with each other and allowing ample space for reflection. During a health journey, it's easy to forget how far we've come when we have an "off" day. Or sometimes we want a place to celebrate the little and big wins we have (and trust me, there will be wins on this journey!). Having a space for all of it is a healing balm and keeps us present for the ride.

  • BONUS! Intuitive messages from Shannon dropped into Heartbeat. Often times, they come right when you need them for clarity, a sacred pause, and remembering your intentions. 

The holistic wellness program you've been waiting for is finally here.

Welcome to Sustainable Miracles, a one-of-a-kind hybrid 1:1 + community!

Investment: $725/mo or $8200 pay-in-full. As soon as you sign up, you can schedule your 1:1 visits!
Why I am so passionate about this work
From super sick and exhausted most of my life to full of energy, maintaining 100+ pound weight loss, and reversing autoimmune disease - more energy in my 40s than my 20s!

As I mentioned above, I was diagnosed with multiple health conditions as a child, teenager, and adulthood, progressively getting sicker and sicker. It went from ear infections and eczema to anxiety and gut issues to hypothyroidism in my teens. Through the years, I got sicker and sicker, told repeatedly to lose weight. I was over 200 pounds in middle school, 280 pounds in high school, and up to nearly 400 pounds in my twenties. It was as if the medical system didn't have an answer for me, though. I felt incredibly frustrated by the (lack of) care I was receiving. I knew they wanted to help me, but they didn't have the actual resources to help me. Pills after pills. Side effects after side effects. No one could help me get to the root cause. At one point in time, I was on 9 or 10 pharmaceutical pills for fibromyalgia pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and thyroid. I went to doctor after doctor, psychiatrist after psychiatrist. Not a single one could put my symptoms together. And, looking back, I think this was a big key, and one that is still missed with holistic medicine practitioners. It's this ability to put it all together, to see the whole person in front of me, along with using my clinical and intuitive knowledge, that actually helps people truly heal. I trained in conventional medicine as a PA, graduating in 2012, and working in conventional medicine nearly a decade. I voraciously read journals and texts and case studies. I sought information wherever I could. And then ... My neurodivergent brain began to piece all the things together: conventional medicine, functional medicine, mind-body medicine, trauma, stress, genetics, environment, toxicity. My claim to fame is that I healed my daughter of chronic diarrhea when she was was a toddler, using nutrition and gentle supplementation. I'll never forget the day that her daycare provider called and excitedly exclaimed, "Omg, Shannon! You won't believe this! She had a normal BM!" I was so excited, but I wasn't surprised. I knew that she would heal, and from that day on, no more gut issues. I also helped my son tremendously with anger and rigidity. He struggled intensely with emotional regulation. Proper testing revealed hypothyroidism and copper toxicity. Using mineral balancing, we reversed both and he no longer needs thyroid supplementation and he no longer struggled with the same rigidity and anger. His healing, like my daughter's, is truly remarkable. Personally, I have reversed multiple autoimmune diseases, stage 3 kidney disease, IBS, migraines, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue. I have nearly put my formerly out-of-control Hashimoto's thyroid disease into full remission. I feel better now, in my perimenopausal mid-40s, than I did in my 20s! Now, for the women out there who are in perimenopause or menopause, you know this is huge! Here's the low down: in 2021, I opened my practice using an intrinsic coaching model + holistic medicine. I've had the honor and privilege of seeing hundreds of folks actually get better! Just like me, they've put seemingly lifelong diseases into remission. I've seen women reverse autoimmune disease, nutrient deficiencies, diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety, insomnia, deeply embedded gut issues, migraines, high cholesterol, brain fog ... seriously, I could go on and on and on. In conventional medicine, we put bandaids on symptoms. In whole-person medicine, we treat the whole person through a TRULY holistic lens - physical, mental, emotional, physical. This is what it takes to truly heal and create sustainable miracles. Whole person medicine works if you go all-in. You can create sustainable miracles in your life and health if you truly take the time to honor and nourish yourself and receive the right support. Seeing women out living their best lives continues to drive me to bring this medicine to the world! After doing this for 3 years now, I have learned what works and what doesn't. I have discovered, for sustainable healing, we need: a personalized, truly whole-person appraoch + community support to know we are not alone + a length of time to solidify new ways of being. This is what creates sustainable miracles. This is the magic missing in medicine and healing (even holistic and functional medicine practices). I know that a year from now, you could be having a totally different life experience than you are now. I hope you'll join us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this program a year? 

The short answer is that healing embedded, chronic dis-ease and stress patterns takes time. You know what's interesting? I really struggled for awhile with the lenght of this program. I was worried people would not sign up because it's a year. Here's the thing, friend. Healing chronic dis-ease and illness takes time. People come to me sick for years and decades. A year is a blip in time compared to how long you've been sick. Unwinding the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual patterns takes at least a year. Additionally, once we do feel well, this can feel scary actually! Stabilizing in feeling well takes time too. In doing this for years, many clients stay with me 12-24 months, and these are the clients that excel and truly get better. In fact, it's usually at the 4 month mark and again at the 7-8 month mark where people have some hiccups - not always, but often. Going longer than this is where the gold is! Investing in the long-game is where my focus is now, because that is how you create sustainable miracles. I want my clients to get rave results so they can enjoy the f*ck out of their lives. Giving a year to going all-in on your healing will be lifechanging. I want you to truly heal your body AND let feeling good become second nature.

Do I have to attend all the calls?

No. All the calls will be recorded and uploaded to a portal for you to view as you desire. That said, I do encourage some live participation if possible. When we are part of a community, we don't feel so alone in our health journey. Making time for ourselves and showing up, even when it feels hard, can be some of the deepest healing we do.

Will I receive 1:1 support on the coaching calls? Do I have to receive 1:1 support on the group coaching calls?

Yes! You have the opportunity to receive 1:1 support on the coaching calls. We will go on a first come, first served basis. Each person in the 1:1 love seat will have 8 minutes of 1:1 coaching support. That means we can have up to 8 folks receiving 1:1 support at each call. Moreover, being on the coaching calls will allow you to relax and hear others being coached. I can't tell you how many insightful moments I have had hearing someone else coached! This is especially important for the shy or timid women who are afraid to receive group coaching. You will never be forced to receive group coaching. I can, however, tell you, that just showing up will allow you to receive so much more than you expect!

Are there any limitations on location for this program? Do I have to be in the USA? How do I get labs done?

Due to the nature of hair mineral testing, yes, you must live in the United States. The only other stipulation is that, at this time, residents of New York are not able to mail in the hair mineral test within the state of New York. This is a legal requirement due to New York state laws. If you live in New York and want to discuss options, please schedule a call below. Otherwise, we have quite a few options for labs/testing in all other states. If you would like your primary care provider to order labs for you under your insuracne, I can give you a recommended list of labs. I cannot guarantee that PCP will appropriately code the labs for insurance billing, so sometimes cash-pay is preferred as it is about 80-90% less expensive than getting labs not covered by insurance. In the event that your PCP will not order them, cash-pay labs are available at a steeply discounted rate in all 50 states. To get the labs done, you will schedule a lab draw at a laboratory or have a mobile phlebotomist come to your home/office to draw your labs. Don't worry. All of these instructions will be provided. If you live in a rural area, you may need to drive a bit to get to a hospital to have your lab draw. Rest assured: in doing this for several years, I've never had someone not be able to get their labs drawn.

When will the monthly community calls and the group coaching calls be held?

We kick off Saturday, June 1st at 11am ET/8am PT. This is our first monthly community call! The monthly community calls are held the first Saturday of the month at 11am ET/8am PT. The three-times monthly group coaching calls are held the first 3 Mondays of each month at 11am ET/8am PT. You can leave early or come late as needed, depending on your schedule. I leave a week off for integration each month. I will still be available in Slack, but the fourth (and fifth on the rare occasion) week will not have calls.

Can I use FSA/HSA funds for this program?

If you have a chronic health condition, you are often able to use FSA/HSA funds on holistic health and wellness coaching services. Check with your HSA/FSA provider. You may need a written prescription with a diagnosis code from your primary health care provider to qualify.

What costs are not included in the cost of the program?

So much is included, including all the coaching and community calls, the hair mineral testing, the 1:1 visits, and the community support. Given that I have trained in functional medicine and that you have chronic health issues, we may want to do some advanced testing. I can order blood work through discount cash-pay services (where full panels end up being as low as about $200-300 plus lab draw fee). Most functional medicine tests (gut tests, hormone tests, food sensitivity tests, etc) range from about $100-400 each, depending on what we are testing. Please remember a few things: 1. Unless you tell me that you are raring to go, we are not going to be ordering 3 or 4 tests immediately. We generally start with hair mineral testing, which is included, and some blood work. Some folks are able to get the blood work through their primary care physician and insurance. If not, as I noted above, cash-pay pricing is quite reasonable. 2. The tests can be important, but we need to honor your body and nervous system with them. Doing too much at once causes more stress. I will never force you to get extraneous testing and I only get tests that I believe will absolutely impact your health in a good way. 3. Some people simply do labs and hair mineral testing. Some people do more. It is always a conversation, babe. No force here.

What recommendations will you make at the 1:1 calls?

This all depends on several things including: 1. your capacity 2. your results 3. your desires I absolutely believe in meeting you where you are. Sometimes, I will recommend mineral balancing with certain supplements. Sometimes, I will recommend spagyric remedies (little "potions" of homeopathic + herbal medicines). Sometimes both. We will go at your pace and ability. We have a whole year for a reason. I know you want to feel better fast, but doing too much at once isn't the answer.

Do you offer refunds?

No, I do not offer refunds due to the nature of the program. Additionally, all payments on payment plan is expected to be paid. Please communicate with me should an emergency arise. Please know that I am always here to have a conversation about concerns that arise. I care about you and the outcome of your program, so, please reach out if something arises!

What if I don't like group programs?

Honestly, I could have written this question myself not even a year ago. I was convinced I didn't like group programs ... but now I know they've been the deepest healing I've experienced. The truth is, I had a lot of fear around being seen. But the answer isn't in avoiding being seen; the answer in in doing the hard thing and showing up. Even if your voice shakes. Even if you just listen for awhile (or for the whole year). Even if you keep your camera off. For the record, I am now in TWO group programs, believe it or not! This former anti-group person is in two group programs because they work. Community is so important. When we share of wins and our struggles in community, the parts of us that have always felt like "too" much everything (sensitive, shy, anxious, loud, talkative, etc) get to show up and be healed. Remember: true whole-person health is about healing all layers: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. That said, I understand if you would rather have 1:1 only support. Until recently, I was convinced of the same. I do have limited space available for 1:1. Please book a call below to discuss. :)

Can I schedule a call if I have other questions or want to discuss a 1:1 relationship instead? 

Yes, I'm happy to chat with you. Please schedule HERE.

See more FAQs here.

Learn more about Shannon here.

Learn more about the hair mineral test here.

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